• Model: 30-545C
  • Manufactured by: TUCKER POLE SYSTEMS
$910.00 CAD

The C (combination) method utilizes the dual hose line and the over the top sprayer. One of your hose lines is connected to your water supply independent of dispenser; the other end connected to the top fan spray rinse jet. The other hose line is connected to the soap dispenser outlet and then to the flow jets inside the brush via the gooseneck. You then have the option of running soap up through the pole and out the brush-flow screws while rinsing with water over the top of the brush at the same time with your fan jet. This is an excellent method for those looking to clean building that have not been cleaned in a very long time or heavily soiled awnings or solar panels.

Equipped with the C Dispenser and a 100 count bottle of soap tablets.  The clamp bodies are a unique design made from a light weight aluminum material and carry a lifetime warranty.  The lightweight anodized aluminum sections are very high quality.  The clamps operate with a smooth action and have superior holding strength.  The aluminum gooseneck is incredible strong and available in many different lengths.  Comes with a nylon dual trim brush and premium pole hose and fittings.