• Model: 30-545
  • Manufactured by: TUCKER POLE SYSTEMS
$861.00 CAD

The ASH (Aluminum Single Hose) method consist simply of a single hose line running up the pole and connecting at the base of the gooseneck. The aluminum gooseneck is a flow-through design meaning the water flows through the gooseneck and into the brush head assembly. From the head assembly the water is diverted in 2 directions to the 2 flow screws on the bristle side and then out onto the surface to be cleaned. This is the simplest configuration.

The clamp bodies are a unique design made from a light-weight aluminum material and carry a lifetime warranty..

The lightweight anodized aluminum sections are very high quality.  The clamps operate with a smooth action and have superior holding strength.  The aluminum gooseneck is very strong and available in many different lengths.  Equipped with a nylon dual trim brush and premium pole hose and fittings.